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PyCon 2011 Report

My personal PyCon 2011 Report

Things that happened to me at PyCon

People I met for the first time

  • Blaise Laflamme; a great hacker and an even better person. Blaise contributed many hours towards making the conference as fruitful as possible for the Pylons Project. As a side note, Blaise's son is currently ill. My wishes go out to him, yours should too.
  • Bob Ippolito and some of the rest of the Mochi crew: good times.
  • Michael Foord. I recently called him out a bit via Twitter on some comments he made, so I somewhat awkwardly introduced myself. He turned out to be gracious and funny.
  • Massimo Di Pierro. Web2Py maintainer. A nice guy.
  • Remy {insert last name here, brain cannot recall}: an RIT hacker and Python proponent.
  • Rick Harding: a gracious podcaster and hacker who has a very easygoing manner.
  • Ralph Bean: fun drunken conversations.
  • Kai Groner: technically we had met before, but this was the first time I was able to really chat with him. Great hacker.
  • Rob Ottoway: Ben Bangert's co-worker, who regaled me with how much he liked the design of some software before he knew I was its author! Always a way to get into my good graces.
  • Yannick Gingras: a Montreal Pythonista with boundless energy. Congrats to Yannick and team for snagging the Python Conference 2014 in Montreal!
  • Armin Ronacher. The thin pale duke of Python really knows how to code!
  • Megan O'Malley: working on a SQLAlchemy book with Mike Bayer, funny!
  • Patricio Paez: an enthusiastic and experienced Mexican hacker from HP who seemed to have fun sprinting.
  • Joe Dallago: a young'un who held his own at the Pyramid sprints, despite the excessive crustiness of most of its other members.
  • Too many others to remember.

People I reunited with

  • Casey Duncan. I haven't seen Casey in like 5 years but he's still hilarious; a truly exceptional person. Who else can write drunken metaclass code and get away with it?
  • Christian Tismer. Christan has been battling some health problems lately, but he's getting back in shape to do some serious hacking.
  • Lennart Regebro: the author of Porting to Python 3 who was nice enough to provide me with a free copy on specious grounds.
  • Brad Allen: Zeomega employee, long-time Zope contributor, we had fun talking about scifi books and async programming.
  • Chris Withers: the indominable Zope permatroll, who is almost completely reasonable and kind in person (and also pretty hilarious).

People who I'm sorry I could not spend more time with

  • Calvin and Hendrix-Parker and Clayton Parker: I just can't hang like I used to, guys. Especially at that Karaoke bar. But I wish I could have dropped by your pad.
  • Mike Bayer: would have liked to do some drinking and/or sprinting with Mike.
  • The PyPy guys: I didn't really get a chance to come over and say "thanks" for PyPy.
  • The Django folks: I had intended to come over during sprints and maybe try to help with some bugs just as sort of a community bridge, but I failed.

General conference outcomes related to the Pylons Project

  • General enthusiasm for Felix Laflamme's cool Pyramid shirt. We distributed about 30 of these to conferencegoers.
  • 20 or so Pyramid books sold (not yet for sale elsewhere, unfortunately).
  • Lots of folks asking questions and a good number confiding that they are currently moving their applications to Pyramid from various other frameworks.
  • Zope BOF: about 20 of us sat in the usual semicircle and moaned.
  • WSGI open space: not much went on here, but it was packed. Drinks were graciously provided thereafter by SurveyMonkey!

Pyramid sprint outcomes

  • The Pyramid sprinters shared a room with PyPy, Flask, SQLAlchemy, Jython, and Allura sprinters. Participating: Alexandre Conrad, Patricio Paez, Whit Morriss, Rob Miller, Reed O'Brien, Chris Shenton, Joe Dallago, Tres Seaver, Casey Duncan, Kai Groner, Carlos de la Guardia, Blaise Laflamme, Chris McDonough, Chris Withers,Ben Bangert, Jorge Vargas, Chris Rossi, Lukasz Fidosz (remote).
  • WebOb now has 100% test coverage. We brought the test suite up from about 120 tests to a little fewer than 900. No real progress on moving to Python 3, all work done was test backfilling. See the Paste-Users summary for a report provided to the WebOb team summarizing other changes that were made.
  • We got WebOb continuous integration testing going using Tox. WebOb tests pass on Python 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, PyPy, and Jython.
  • Carlos de la Guardia improved the Pyramid SQLA Wiki tutorial (who knew you could inline partial literal code blocks with Sphinx?), and performed some general docs rearranging and improvement.
  • Blaise Laflamme created a single-file quick tutorial application . It's a "microframework-style" application. We'll try to figure out how to work this into the docs going forward.
  • Jorge Vargas worked on creating a django-packages deployment (like for Pyramid add-ons and Pylons libraries.
  • The Shootout example app has been updated by Lukasz Fidosz. It's much more Pyramid-y now than it used to be (it was previously fairly Zopey).
  • Chris Withers fixed some bugs in Venusian and a new release was made.
  • I spoke to Armin Ronacher briefly about WebOb/Werkzeug request/response object convergence. To this end during the sprint we mapped out WebOb/Werkzeug property/method analogues: request and response .
  • Chris Rossi worked on repoze.catalog. A 0.8.0 release was made as a result.
  • The sprint room was utterly packed (someone did a headcount at about 70 folks at one point). This was a good thing, although slightly uncomfortable at times.


  • I'll be signing the Pylons Project up for Google Summer of Code; we have a good number of folks whom have agreed to be mentors and a couple of potential students.
  • Whispers of a potential Pylons Project "mini-unconference" and/or sprint in the Bay area May-ish (stay tuned for details).
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