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Plope Software Listing

Various bits of software created or maintained by Chris McDonough:

A UNIX process-control daemon capable of managing multiple subprocesses as a group. Provides "sudo-like" access control for the sole purpose of managing subprocesses. A bit like daemontools, only not as paranoid and safe and with remote access. ;-)
A zope product that allows users to store data on the filesystem instead of inside ZODB.
use rich-client editors to edit Zope objects (originally written by Casey Duncan, maintained now by me)
a Zope 2 product that allows for the use of other Zope 2 products that are packaged as Python Eggs.
a Python templating system based on Richie Hindle's PyMeld and Paul Winkler's meld2.
Zope 3 bindings for the meld3 templating system (requires meld3).
a simple time tracking application for GNOME.


A Python library which provides make-like scripting, allowing a set of files to be created based on a dependency graph using Python as the scripting language (unmaintained, use buildit now).
earlier version of supervisor2 (unmaintained, use supervisor2 now)
a Zope product used to migrate file body data from ZODB to files on the Zope server filesystem NOTE: this product is deprecated, use blob instead
a Zope product that allows a method to be called at an interval without requiring an external clock source like cron (part of Zope 2 since 2.10, version for Zope 2.9 and earlier now maintained by Roberto Allende).

Reporting Bugs

Visit the Plope software collector to report bugs.

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