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**Pymake is now unmaintained, superseded by buildit**



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pymake is a simple make replacement which allows the specification of file dependency graphs within Python. With it, you can perform conditional complilation of source code, install software, run scripts, or any repeatable sequence of tasks that ends up creating a known set files on your filesystem. On subsequent runs of the same set of tasks, pymake performs the least amount of work possible to create the same set of files, only performing the work that it detects has not already been performed by earlier runs.


pymake runs under any platform on which Python supports the os.system command. This includes UNIX/Linux and Windows. It should be run via Python 2.3+. Although it might work now using Python 2.2, no effort will be made in subsequent releases to maintain backward compatibility with Python 2.2.


Install pymake by running the accompanying "" file, ala "python install".


The license under which pymake is released is a BSD-like license called the Plope license. It can be found accompanying the distribution in the LICENSE.txt file.

Reporting Bugs

Visit the Plope software collector to report bugs.

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